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The XMLToolkit is typically licensed in accordance with, but not limited to, the following implementations.


  1. Basic Implentation
    • Description: The basic implementation is generally sufficient for small organizations that perform minimal application development in-house and do not foresee the need to hire other vendors to extend their application in the near future.
    • Includes: 
      • The XMLToolkit powered "application interpreter" which loads and renders the interactive experience to the end user
      • PHP container application that handles search engine optimization and "course-selection" (defines which content and design documents are consumed by the interpreter)
      • Documentation that defines how to code XMLToolkit-compatible layout and content document
    • Price: $6300
  2. Standard Implementation
    • Description: The standard implementation is generally sufficient for medium-large organizations that intend to leverage internal resources to maintain, develop, and extend the application functionality.
    • Includes
      • Everything described in the Basic Implementation
      • Source code files necessary for compiling plugins, fonts, and asset libraries that will extend the application functionality
      • Documentation that describes how to use the source code files to create new assets and widgets for the application
    • Price: $12,600
  3. Extended Implementation
    • Description: The extended implementation is suitable for larger organizations that wish to extend and recompile the application interpreter.
    • Includes:
      • Everything described in the Standard Implementation
      • Source code files for the entire XMLToolkit framework
      • Documentation for all aspects of the XMLToolkit
    • Price: $18,900
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