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Educational Media Solutions [EMS] is a web & mobile application development company located outside of Boston, Massachusetts that specializes in production of scalable, interactive e-learning environments. Founded by former teacher and Harvard Graduate School of Education alumnus Chris Spence, the company services a number of large organizations in the U.S. that deploy e-learning content to employees, client companies, and students across the globe. Educational Media Solutions works with a network of developers, designers, information architects, and consultants to develop flexible applications that meet the evolving business needs of organizations in the educational arena.

EMS President and Founder Chris Spence is an educational media specialist with a professional background in rich internet application [RIA] development and education. In addition to acting as president of Educational Media Solutions, Chris serves as a consultant for a number of organizations across the country and is authoring a resource text on scalable RIA development at the enterprise level. He also teaches labs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Technology, Innovation, and Education Master's Program.

Click here to read more about the custom framework that Educational Media Solutions has created to facilitate development of custom e-learning environments across platforms and devices.

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